3C & Automotive

Ultratech focus on tight tolerance
parts and connectors
Ultratech skilled for in Interior trimming sub-assembled parts,instrument panels, consoles,door trim, Auto motor encapsulation parts Connectors for low voltage power and sensors.

Tight tolerance connectors

"Zero defect" is the target of Automotive industry, Ultratech understands the requirement, uses DFMEA, Control plan to prevent the failure model in design stage. That make sure quality stable in process.

High Precision Circuit Breaker Mold

  • Metal inserted

    -Develop insert facilities for customer

    -Circuit Breaker

  • Engineering Support

    -Large dimensions control

    - 3D scanning for measurement

  • Precision solutions

    -Customer oriented

    - SSTL

High Precision - Metal Inserted

  • ±0.02mm Tolerance

  • High performance plastics

    PEEK + Metal inset

    LCP + Metal inset

    PPS + Metal inset

    PA66 GF30 + Metal inset

High Precision connectors

High Precision connectors

Automotive connectors

optical fiber connectors

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