Welcome Mr. PHILIP CHOW join Ultratech!

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Welcome Mr. PHILIP CHOW join ULTRATECH as technical consultant from the date of March 1 2019.

Mr. Philip Chow has over 30years in injection machinery filed, we believe he will bring more values for our customers. 


Mr.Philip Chow, graduated from Mechanical Engineering in Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1980. 1982 immigrated to Canada and started working at Husky Injection Molding Systems head office in Bolton, Ontario. For the 25 years services, he went through various departments from molding machines assembly, testing, different types of mold testing, field service over 10 years, service manager, product manager and development specialist.

Mr.Philip Chow, have been promoted from service technician to service manager in 1993. Husky offered a three years term service manager position in Hong Kong to start the joint venture business in Asia. After completing the assignment, he jointed the development team to develop the new control platform of using the latest Beckhoff PC base control back in head office. he was the product manager of the Thixomolding production and CD manufacturing products. Different positions enriched Philip on many molding technologies, such as Preform systems, thin wall molding cells, Technical parts molding, Thixomolding and CD molding technologies.  

In 2008, Husky management team went through re-organization. Philip got a chance to work for Mold Masters Inc. head office in Georgetown Canada.  Eight years of product management that gave him the opportunity to manage an all-electric stand alone injection unit from initial stage to final product.  The sales business ended over eight millions US dollars which was recognised as one the core businesses in the company.

In 2017, Philip got an offer to develop a small LSR injection project in Hong Kong.  After two years development, the product has launched and ready for sales.  The product road shows gained customers’ appreciations and trustworthy that the product is ready for the market.  From the field test results, the small injection unit achieved over 95% production yield and stable production for weeks.  The future development will be continued working closely with a group of trained engineers.  My consultation role is changing from active to stand behind operation.  

Mr.Philip Chow is reaching his retirement age.  However, he would like to offer his experiences to help companies to improve productivity, train new engineers and plan management.  His objective is to help molding companies from good to better.