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Why Ultratech

High Precision Molds, Round Steel Accuracy 1um

Ultratech designs and bulids high precsion molds, equppied high precision machines, like universal cylindrical grinder with accuracy 1um, Ultratech follow in IATF16949 standard, recorded all critical steeldimenstions in the process, and high precision machines guarantee the mold components in spec.

High Cavitation Molds, 16, 32, 48, 64+cav

Ultratech specilizes in high cavitation molds, for packaging and personal care and medical industries, 16,32, 48, 64+cav, The molds built by Ultratech are interchangeability in cavities, it minimazse down-time inproduction, customers are benefit from high productivity.

2-shot Molds, Multi-shot Molds

Match to customer injection machines
Wide range of injection unit layout
Addition injection unit.

Thin Wall Molds, 3.5s

6Cav thin wall molds
Fast cycle time
0.4 mm thicknes

Engieering Plastic Molds, Unscrewing Molds

Experience in engineering plastics LCP, PA, PA6, PA66, PBT, PC

• Experience in different additive, Grass Fiber, PTFE, Cabon Fiber...
• Facilities for engineering materials

Scientific Molding

Ultratech is the first Tryout mold shop certificated by RJG in Aisa area, Ultratech use scientific molding methodology, all always thinking on whole process, no mater from design, manufacturing, or moldverification,we are thinking what's is the convenience to molding process, what's the reason why Ultratechsupport customers more, and smoothly communication between cross functional team.

Services Concept

The best service must be the most suitable solutions to customer. Ultratech project team understand the customers requirements positvively, provide the most the best serivce and tailor made solutions.

• 34 years export mold experience
• SPI 101 standard
• IATF16949 quality system
• Think as a molder



Welcome Mr. PHILIP CHOW join ULTRATECH,we believe he will bring more values for our customers. [More]

high precision, high cavitation,multi-shot (Multi-k)


Ultratech is a HongKong mold making and molding provider. As know, 2019 K SHOW will take place from 16 to 23 October in... [More]

high precision, high cavitation, unscrewing molds


Ultratech is a HongKong mold making and molding provider. As know, electronica 2018 will take place from 13 to 16 Novemb... [More]

Ultratech will attend in 2018 German Fakuma exhibition


Ultratech will participate the Fakuma exhibition from October 16 to 20, 2018. Booth number: FW-127. [More]